Main uses

Main uses:

▪ The work of the news team.

Clients: correspondent, operator, sound engineer and producer.

▪ Mobile TV shooting from vehicles.

Clients: operator, assistant, driver, navigator.

▪ The work of special camera equipment. Clients: operators of the remote camera head, operators assistants. In all this cases, the external client is the director or broadcast editor.

RI-32 wireless intercom for ENG
RI-32 wireless intercom

Total of 6 clients can be connected - 3 wireless, 2 wired and 1 external wired (Ext). Any variations in the connections between them are possible.

Mobile intercom clients communicate with each other according to a predetermined configuration.

You can configure internal connections: which of the participants can each client hear, at what volume level. The Talk button activates an alternative configuration of communications between clients.

The volume can be adjusted using the buttons louder/quieter at the BT-headset (if it supports the transfer of such commands). Pressing the MFB button on the headset activates the client answer for a few seconds (the duration is set in the mobile intercom menu). You can also configure whom do you want to answer: if by default the microphone is turned off - into general chat, if enabled - into the Ext channel.

One of the wireless ports can be configured to work with a mobile phone. There is a function to save all settings in at most 5 presets. An individual number can be assigned to each headset, and its settings will be saved to mobile intercom. General memory for headsets - 12.

RI-32 wireless intercom diagram

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth Class 1

Working Range

Up to 100 meters (300 ft)*

*Depending on headset    

Frequency Band

2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz

Power Output

50 mW

Bluetooth profile


Transmit Antennas


Bluetooth Ports

Two ports Master mode

One port Master/Slave mode

Analog Audio Ports

One line-level port with galvanic isolation

Two Mic/Line level ports with phantom power and differential In/Out lines


Two options are available:

• 3x Lemo FGG/EGG 0B

• 4x 3.5 Jacks+Micro USB

User Interface

OLED display for enhanced visibility


Operating -10˚C to +50˚C

(32˚F to 122˚F)


Power supply via USB 5-14v

Power Consumption

Nominally 3W

Size & Weight

126 (L) x 22 (H) x 80 (W)mm 120g

RI-32 wireless intercom
ri 32
RI-32 wireless intercom
RI-32 wireless intercom
RI-32 wireless intercom

▪ Convenient use of personal Bluetooth headsets

▪ Comprehensive while cost-efficient way to organize intercom

▪ Easy to use intuitive interface

▪ Quick setup

▪ Perfect for shooting standups, coordination of cranes, spiders and other special camera equipment.

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